Phuket / Muay Thai Training Day One

I only got to bed quite late last night as the last Mauy Thai fight finished at midnight, things settled down at around 1:00 AM, I think I fell asleep shortly afterwards.

My alarm went off at 5:30 AM but I quickly snoozed that and slept some more. At 8:00 AM I was awoken by very loud, very hardcore rock and roll music coming from the gym. I stay literally 10 meters away from the gym and keep in mind that the gym is outdoor, so I pretty much got woke up by a massive speakers blaring music in front of my door.

Two minutes past eight I rushed outside and joined the other 5 trainees busy with warm up stretches. I love stretching, so this was my favourite. After the stretching we paired off to our personal trainers, where they did different exercises with each person.

Mine took upon himself to teach me the techniques of Muay Thai, so we practiced everything from stance to punches, kicks and elbow blows. Did I mention Muay Thai is brutal?

The more we practiced, the more I realized that it is not just about the punches and kicks but there is a whole art behind it. For example, keeping a straight posture and not hunching, keeping your legs straight, delivering straight punches… My trainer kept reiterating this by reminding me when something is not beautiful.

I would hunch my shoulders when committing for a left jab and he would jab back, but with words, “not beautiful, do beautiful” and then demonstrate what he meant.

In all honesty the morning session was a breeze in terms of fitness, not really much to it. Although I did still sweat enough, to water a small crop but that was mostly due to the heat.

After the training with the coach, I did some handstands, pull ups and planks but nothing serious as there are two sessions per day…

Fast forward to session two…

Just finished the second session and it was great! A lot of sparring, not much else but I am not complaining as this is extremely intense and I finished 1.5 liters of water, before the session was even over.

Also my foot/leg is raw from high and low kicks… The coach drilled me on those. I probably did around 50 kicks and he was still not satisfied. This may be because I almost broke his hand when I missed the cushion that he was holding an kicked him right on the hand. Did I mention Muay Thai is brutal?

Overall my day was super chilled, I have not felt this relaxed in weeks. I think it is the combination of knowing what lies ahead in terms of food, exercise and a place to stay. People take this for granted but as a traveler, each day holds a different adventure and while it is great, it does get somewhat exhausting after a while (5 months). It is just relaxing and reassuring knowing where I will rest my head and that my stuff is safely packed away.

Over to my diet…

For breakfast I had a stuffed omelette (delicious). I only ate a few hours after waking up and after training, so to compensate for the lack of a pre training meal, I bought some Whey protein to have as soon as I wake up in the mornings, this will ensure that I not burn any muscle. See the omelette below:


For lunch I had grilled chicken, amazing and both these meals were only 60 Baht, which is around 2 Dollars.


I will definitely have both of these meals again, both were extremely tasty!

And lastly supper. I regrettably went out the night with one of the fighters I met to Patong each, which is not really my scene and this led to getting to bed way later then planned… Fun night but I am not here for the parties and pretty lights, I am here to get as fit and shredded as possible in four weeks.

For dinner we had curry, I had the Chicken Rogan Josh with butter naan, it was delicious and it went down superbly with an ice cold Chang beer.


5 thoughts on “Phuket / Muay Thai Training Day One”

      1. yes, it is always the best part post training. legacy boracay! i lived in the gym last february and i am going back again this month. it is an awesome place, especially in the summer.


      2. have you trained muay thai in the past too? yes, but training this time will be different from the last as i am coming in with a wrist injury. it has gone better but not 100%. i still cannot do some things but wth, i will wing it.


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