12 thoughts on “Progress Pics 2 – 03/07/2016”

      1. well done! this is one my goals when i started power yoga a few months back. but it will take a long time especially with the injuries!


      2. What injuries did you suffer? I find that handstand is mostly core strength and then a some balance. At least that was the case once I got use to being upside down 😉


      3. well you are doing very well! when i am well i will continue building strength to manage it. i first injured my right wrist during muay thai training, and then my left wrist followed from over doing power yoga. i cannot do push up or plank positions with my left now. basically anything that requires me to lean on it straight. sucks.


      4. Ah man that sucks! Oh these are your limitations! I have just recovered from a shoulder and knee injury, it was so frustrating… I really wish that you can recover soon! Have you seen a physio therapist?


      5. shoulder and knee at once? sucks. what happened? yes thanks. so frustrating. my sister is a doctor so she gives me advice. not without nagging, mind you.


      6. Hahaha, it is always good to have a doctor as an immediate family member! Well I hurt my knee two years ago running a marathon and it still gives me problems and then whilst still struggling with my knee, I totally messed up my shoulder while doing pull ups. I almost could not lift my arm… Luckily the shoulder came right quite fast with just some rest and very subtle stretches but my knee still gives me problems 😦


      7. sounds painful! my left knee has a problem too. from running. sucks. oh you are lucky with your shoulder! i can’t do a pull up. not yet. but maybe one day soon. ah the things you can do that i aspire to pull off. you are killing me!


      8. All in good time! A year ago I also could not even do a single pull up! The thing with training is consistency, you really just need to keep going, sometimes it feels like you are not making any progress and those times you must just go harder!!!


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