Phuket / Muay Thai Training Day Two

Todays training turned out to be extremely challenging, after completing the morning session, I could barely keep my eyes open, I was so tired.

The thing with Muay Thai training is that it is a lot of cardio, so I decided to also do a bodyweight fitness routine, right after this morning’s session. The routine involves pull ups, push ups, planks, handstands, squats, dips and several other exercises. I definitely over done it a little bit.


I have decided to keep going with the body weight fitness routine, as I do not want to lose the strength that I have built up over the last few months. I may have to take the Muay Thai morning sessions a little slower every Monday, Wednesday and Friday as that is when I do the body weight fitness routine.

After training I had some chicken and rice, a really simple dish but definitely one of my favourites in Thailand.

IMG_8679 (1)

Training session two was just as intense as the first one. There were a few new faces who joined the club so everything was a little chaotic and I thought that I will give up my trainer for the night and just practice some punches and do some core exercise.

Which is exactly what I did but it did not turn out exactly as planned. After rotating between punches and sit ups for about 45 minutes my coach tracked me down…

After an intense 45 minutes I resumed with my regular routine of kicks, punches and elbows but hey, no one said that it is going to be easy… I also sparred for the first time which was both exciting and pretty scary but is only day two. I am sure that I will spar like a champ in one months time.

I have also added a daily run to my routine as well. Tomorrow morning 6:00 AM, I will meet up with some of the guys in the club and we will go for a quick 6km run, so this may be the first morning that I actually wake up from my alarm and not the blaring music.

Dinner tonight was also chicken and rice but this time it was cooked in an extremely tasty pepper sauce and it was also served with an egg. One of the tastiest meals I have had in Thailand. It was a “nicer” restaurant as I met a friend and his wife who are holidaying here in Phuket before returning to Italy for dinner.

That is it for today, I need to get to bed as I have that run tomorrow.

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