Sunday (off day) Recap

Firstly, I completely underestimated Saturdays training, my body was aching on Sunday. I could feel the strain from the continuos punches and kicks which I will have to get use to, as I will be training six days a week.

Sunday is my off day, so no official training but I decided to just do some stretches, core exercise and hand stands. I have decided to incorporate my own daily stretches into the program as I can feel the immediate relief after completing stretching yesterday.

Apart from stretching my day was spent just getting my setup up and running. I had to go out and buy a new monitor because the screen of my Macbook Pro broke in Cambodia, making it impossible to work. Yes, I did get a quote to fix it but it costs $700, which does not make sense as I can repair it under warranty back home in South Africa.

I also had my “cheat day”, wolfing down a Big Mac and a Coke. I will afford myself such “luxuries” once a week but the rest of the time, no sodas and definitely no Mac Donalds.

I went for a Thai massage from a lady who really knew what she was doing, I often go for massages and more than not, I am super disappointed but not this time. The lady was clearly a professional. I explained to her the parts of my body which were in pain and she paid special attention to them.

Overall a good relaxed Sunday, I think I will come to cherish these more and more as the month progresses.

Sunday lunch, roasted duck, pork wontons and noodles.
Sunday lunch, roasted duck, pork wontons and noodles.

The above pic is roasted duck, pork wontons and noodles and this was 70 Baht, which is about $2. Below is also noodles but pork noodles with some vegetables in a super tasty broth and this was 40 Baht, which is around $1.15. I am still amazed at the quality of food you can get for the prices in Thailand. I just visited Cambodia and I struggled to find a decent meal for under $3.

Pork with noodles and veg.
Pork with noodles and veg.

2 thoughts on “Sunday (off day) Recap”

  1. rest day well spent! food is lovely in thailand, i say cheaper than here in the ph. i have not been to the south but it looks awesome there! i knew a guy who trained in phuket top team, also another blogger. now doing pro fights there. do you have any plans to do the same? it is fantastic finding your blog as it excites me to get back into training despite my limitations.


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