Phuket / Muay Thai Training Day Three

So today I was awoken by my own alarm and not the gyms blaring rock n roll music. I got up at six, to meet the team for a brief run, only to see that  the designated meeting point was deserted.

I waited for fifteen minutes and returned to my room. I spent some time reading and at seven I heard a commotion, I learnt that we run at seven and not six.

In total we were four who started together but I paired off an Australian trainee who is about double my length tall, which meant that every step he took, I had to give about three…

Long story short, the two of us sprinted ahead and it really took a lot out of me to keep up, eventually he shot out in front but as they say “the tortoise always wins the race”, I caught up with him near the end and took the lead.

We did a 6km run in about 30 minutes, not too bad…

After this, it was time for the actual training. I almost did not make it there, after the run, my bed seemed like the logical place to be, it took everything to stand up and join the rest of the trainees. Luckily they were busy with stretches and I needed me some stretching.

The club is filling up, I see new faces everyday. Which means we have to share trainers, this suits me 100%, as I like to combine some calisthenics into my work outs.

So the morning basically went as follows, group stretches, handstands, my own stretches, sit ups, handstands, handstands, sit ups and then when the coach cornered me, the same coach I later caught dozing off, I guess him forcing me to kick me punching bag 2000 times really tired him out 🙂


We proceeded the daily practice of punches, jabs, kicks and elbows. The coach is not really fluent in English, so when I have to jab, he says “jabba jabba”, at one point I just started laughing. Maybe that is why he tried to kill me with all those kicks… Mind you it is not the coach kicking me but him demanding right kick after right kick followed by a right kick and then another right kick, I think I counted 22 in a row before I lost count. I am sure, I am  going to tear the skin on my foot/leg soon.

Then I thought I was done but suddenly another coach roped me and few other guys in, for knee kick practice… This entails walking up and down the gym kicking with your knees as you go along. I could not really get the technique down but it all comes down to time, commitment and practice. Rome was not born in a day. I finished the session off with some more handstands and some explosive core exercises, I really want to focus on my core as I realise that it is behind so many of the calisthenics exercises.

After training I almost passed out, I felt extremely light headed and felt the need to sit down, I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, I recovered but immediately went to the nearest restaurant and ordered some fried rice with chicken and a fried egg (notice the chilli, I added that). I could not finish the meal, I needed to bag it up for take away.



I will have to make a plan to get some food in before training, I seriously think that I am burning way too much fuel without really having any fuel… I do drink a serving of BCAA’s which should at least prevent the degradation of muscle and I also have a protein shake after training, but I think I need actual substance.

I will have to buy some fruit, oats, milk and foods that will allow me to make my own pre training breakfast. Resources in my room is just super limited as I do not have a fridge or a kettle.

The afternoon was super chilled, met up with my friends again and spent some time just lazing by the pool, I almost fell asleep but then we went to have some lunch.

Lunch was great, it was kind of do it yourself noodles. They provide the base and you choose your ingredients and it is huge! I Tom Yum soup with rice noodles, muscles, squid, egg and mushrooms. The combination sounds weird but it tastes great.


Oh and here is the pool where I was lucky enough to hang out at. Well actually the pool is behind as but you kind of get the best of both worlds.


So this afternoons training was a battle, I think my body needs to get use to this intense training because I really have to dig deep to find the energy to get myself suited up and on to the gym floor.

I am starting to become a little self conscious as I was juggled between two coaches today, neither of whom seemed really interested or pleased to be training me… It might just be my imagination or it might just be that after two days of training the coaches has decided that I am untrainable…

I will see how it goes tomorrow and the rest of the month. All jokes aside, training was great, a lot of time spent on my core. I am going to be doing a lot of research about exercises as I have certain goals I want to achieve and I want to focus on the type of exercise that will help me achieve them.

Here are a few of the top of my head:

  • The human flag, I mean who does not want to be able to do a human flag, that will be like the coolest party trick ever.
  • Handstand push ups, just like the name says, basically pushups in the handstand position.
  • A slow rise into a handstand on bars, so basically slowly raising yourself up into a handstand position and eventually I want to be able to this on a trolly in a super market.

Thats it for today!

9 thoughts on “Phuket / Muay Thai Training Day Three”

  1. chicken fried rice, the love of my life! damn, i am missing bkk. well, maybe just the food. it was tiring to be there all the time before. i am not sure how training in your gym goes but isn’t there a program or routine that all fighters follow per session? but don’t feel bad about the attitude of the trainers. that reflects more on them than you. plus, be thankful for the 22 kicks. mine asks for 50 consecutive ones per leg. but i think you are doing very well with your training, very motivated!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the kind message! It really means a lot to me! Well we have two training sessions per day and in the training, you do what the coaches tell you or do not tell you ;p Will you not be in Phuket soon? After being away from Thailand for four months, living in Cambodia and Vietnam, I forgot how amazing the food over here is, spiced to perfection!


      1. yes, two is a killer. i don’t know why we do it in a day but we just keep showing up! oh so you are based in thailand? i am not flying over anytime soon as i am going to train in legacy boracay again. i planned to visit last month but my injuries got in the way.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes indeed we do! It is a killer but we love it! Well I am just passing through Thailand, I am South African but have been travelling through SEA form the last five months. So after this month, I am either going back to Vietnam or maybe Malaysia but I am still undecided. Wow legacy Boracay looks amazing! That is definitely on my to do list! I really hope the injuries get better!


      3. many thanks! last february i trained in legacy with a couple of girls from SA too, really lovely people. legacy boracay is best february to may. the atmosphere is spectacular since it is the summer months. but i have never been this time of year so we will soon find out how it is. it is a great place, i wrote about it on my blog, february posts this year. you can look if you want. yes, come by some time. training there is awesome. different from thailand but still good.


      4. I am glad the South African’s are representing 🙂 Feb to May is most likely the time I will be traveling again! I will check out your blog post regarding it. Well like I said everyone raved about the Philippines at the Iron Man!


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