Phuket / Muay Thai Training Day Four Afternoon Session

There is an old saying “be careful what you wish for”. Today I experienced just that… So yesterday I complained about my trainers being unenthusiastic. Today I experienced the exact opposite, I was paired up with a younger trainer who normally works with the more senior trainees.

He did not take it easy on me, I literally got my ass kicked. I took several punches to the face, my legs were swept out from under me and as the above says, I got kicked, a lot.

I am not complaining, it was one of the most exciting session that I have had and it really had me questioning my fitness. I mean I was out of breath, in one minute, after defending myself against his continuos blows, kicks and elbows. After three minutes the bell rang and I felt like I was going to die but that was not enough, we still had to do 10 pushups.

We went five rounds like this, all followed with pushups, several times I made hard contact with the ring’s floor and my ankle has also swollen up from taking a knock whilst defending myself against his kicks.

He had no mercy, which is cool, I like it this way. Just when I thought that it is finished, he called me back in to the ring for some more sparring, this time we both wore all the equipment and their were no holds barred. But this time I also got a few kicks and punches in but it was basically when he was taunting me and I was like “enough is enough!”.

After the session with him, I still completed my bodyweight routine, I actually thought of abandoning it as I do a lot of push ups throughout training but I have been working it for about four months with great results, so no reason to abandon it. I will just have to man up!

There is no food pics in this post as I was starved and just got the same delicious egg fried rice with chicken as yesterday because I also had a meeting with a client over Skype, which went great! To compensate, here is a handstand pic at the Dragon Bridge in Da Nang, Vietnam 🙂


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