Phuket / Muay Thai Training Day Four Morning Session

Woah, this mornings session was a blast! Once again we kicked it off with a brief run, which has been said to 4.5km and not 6km. I will measure it myself tomorrow.

The Australian guy won the race this morning, but I finished right behind him. It was good to run at my own pace, I finished the run in 25 minutes and 30 seconds, which is not too bad, but it makes a huge difference whether the distance is 6km or 4.5km.

After the run, I dived right in to the dynamic stretches from my bodyweight fitness routine. Just this alone is normally enough to break out into a sweat. Before I was completely finished the coach rounded us up for a 15 minute stretch session. I really want to record the next stretch session, to watch the exercises again, once I leave, as I can really feel my body opening up.

The coaches seemed to over compensate for yesterdays lack of enthusiasm and I was drilled like never before. We focused mainly on punches, jabs and footwork but I was also introduced to a new move today, the backhand.

Sometimes I think that if you were to land one of the above mentioned moves you will do some real damage to someone’s face! I have gained a lot more respect for fighters of all kinds, since the start of this journey. It is one thing to see it on a television or from the ringside but knowing the impact, that a perfectly landed punch, can have on its target changes the whole picture.

After the official training I went back to my bodyweight routine and did several core exercises followed up by some skill work, namely handstands and holding the dip position on parallel bars.

At this stage I was pooped, so I decided just to do one set of pull up and dips, three reps of each and I will leave the rest of the routine for this afternoon. I think that doing it this way, is a better way of distributing the load between the two sessions because when I did the full on Monday, I almost passed out.

Nutrition wise, I switched things up a bit today… I had my BCAA’s upon waking up and my shake before the training instead of after the training. I found that I had a lot more energy and I was also not completely shattered after the training. Surprisingly I was not hungry either…

So after training I went to look for a local market to buy some fresh fruits and vegetables but I could not find one and ended up buying it from a supermarket. Great quality produce but on the more expensive side. I will find out from one of the locals where I can find one of these markets.

After the shopping expedition, I had a spicy pork salad with a side of sticky rice for lunch. This is one of my favourite Thai dishes as it packs immense amounts of flavour, like Guy Fiery would say, “Welcome to flavour town!”.



The rice just soaks up the sauce and they crush the herbs and spices on order making the flavours insane!

The funny thing is, I always ask for spicy but they are afraid to give it all that they have, when a Westerner orders, so I always end up adding extra chilli and they are like “what, this guy can handle spicy food!?!?”

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