Phuket / Muay Thai Training Day Five Afternoon Session

Todays post start with my food, I am not sure exactly what I had but it contained fish,  crispy pork belly, rice and a yellow fruit like thing which I cannot for the life of me figure out what it is. All I know is, it was delicious! This set me back about 50 Baht which is $2. I will have to show them the picture to order it again.

Lunch, it would be great if anyone can tell me what the yellow fruit is...
Lunch, it would be great if anyone can tell me what the yellow fruit is…

This afternoons session was a killer! After the stretches I kicked it off with 500 skips, so that is 500 hundred little jumps, it really got the blood flowing. This was followed with hitting the punching bag and that is when the coach cornered me.


He once again handed my ass to me, but there was an immense improvement. I discovered yesterday that I have a nasty flinch reflex, which basically means that as soon as something comes at me (like a punch), I close my eyes and throw my head back.

So last night I did some research about it and there is not much that I can do about it myself. It will only improve as I get use to fists hurling at me and it is apparently very common in the fighting world as it is a natural human reflex to try to dodge an attack. Reading this made me feel way better.

After sparring with the coach, he drilled me with some fitnesss exercises, when he saw that I was about to keel over and die he laughed  and said “see you training tomorrow”. “Yes!” I thought as I started taking off my gloves, but then I heard someone call my name… It was Nic and I remembered that I promised him that we would spar today.

A promise is a promise.

I suited back up and was in the ring with Nic, one of the coaches was our referee. It was amazing! I only lasted two rounds before being completely exhausted but those two rounds were great fun, we went at each other, both landing some solid punches and kicks, but nothing hard enough to do damage.

When we finished Nic still sparred two round with the coach and did I mention that Nic is 59 years old… He is an awesome inspiration, a Scottish guy living in Portugal who trains like he is 21 but is as wise as his age.

Now I thought ok cool, time to chill, then another trainee Walter from China asked me what my core routine is, so we did the routine from top to bottom, we had been training for almost two and a half hours at this stage, handstands were out of the question. Finally I got to grab my gear and head to my room.

After training I was not really hungry but I know I have to eat so I hit the streets and found a quant little local spot which seemed welcoming enough. I love this about Thailand, there are ten restaurants on every block and eight of them are excellent while the other two are good.



I had a “spicy pork northern style salad” for dinner, almost the same as what I had for lunch yesterday but this one was better. I asked for a take away because I felt like I was going to pass out any minute. So I ate in my room, in front of the computer.


It is called a salad but you can notice the lack of greens or any vegetables for that matter. Delicious none the less. Time to get to bed, it is 9:16 PM, way past my bed time.

2 thoughts on “Phuket / Muay Thai Training Day Five Afternoon Session”

  1. You take some great pictures Siegfried! I loved that one of the Muay Thai gym ring from your last post (think it was your last post). It looked so “spit and sawdust” – If I was going to open a gym I’d love it to have that kind of vibe. Old ring, a featured red brick wall with lots of posters. Maybe a few old looking trophies and faded photos. Love Thai food – especially their rice dishes. That fried rice one with the cracked fried egg is a favourite of mine.

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    1. Thanks man! You nailed the description of “spit and sawdust”, it exactly what it is! It is raw and serves one purpose and that is training, which is what we are here for 🙂 I spoke to some of the other trainees and they told me about gyms here where you get a personal masseuse and there are yoga classes, salad bars, smoothie bars, etc… But not here! I could eat the fried rice all day!

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