Phuket / Muay Thai Training Day Six Morning Session

I skipped out on the run this morning, it was pouring outside and I got caught up with some work as I was up since 5:00 AM working. I made up for it with another 500 skips, I feel that this is actually better exercise than the running but I like the fresh air and getting out a bit.

Todays session was great again, we did the normal routine, sparred a bit again and I also worked in a bit of my bodyweight fitness routine. It was a good idea to split it up as I am already pushing the limits regarding the training.

Each session where I combine the bodyweight  with the regular training, I end up being really dizzy at the end, which just tells me that I have depleted all my bodies resources and should stop… I finished up with some solid handstand work. I can see an immense improvement, I actually can’t believe that four months ago, I would not have been able to keep a handstand for more than a second.

It just shows you that it comes down to practice, commitment and dedication. Nothing that is worth anything comes easy but people always want an easy way, a quick fix or a simple solution but the truth is that with most things in life there is none.

The guy I wrote about yesterday who ostracized himself from the group had definitely picked up on the vibes as he did the stretches and exercises with us this morning, I was glad for him, it is not fun to feel like the odd one out when you spend a month with the same group of people.

Rainy season has started, we are getting heavy rainfalls every single day. It is great as it cleanses and cools down the temperature. I actually woke up just past midnight to put on a sweater as I was freezing and I only have a fan, no air conditioner, I never thought this would happen in Thailand.

3 thoughts on “Phuket / Muay Thai Training Day Six Morning Session”

  1. heavy rains here too. be interesting to train in this weather. that guy you mentioned may be at a different place in his training. some people have just gotten over the entire hoopla, you know? it depends what you need, like you who had to pass the running today. great to hear you are improving heaps. am sure when you come out of camp be your best shape ever.


    1. The rains really help with the heat. One trainee just arrived yesterday from Bangkok and he said there he could not do more than one session a day due to the heat and the humidity. Yeah I spoke to him for a long time today and his intention is to focus on technique but I think the older trainees like the sense of camaraderie, kind of like all for one and one for all. I have a more “each to his own” type of mentality. Thanks, I plan to stick to this strict regime and make the absolute best of it! How is your injuries?


      1. i like the group approach. it kind of takes its own life as you train with the same people every day. more so if you live in the gym. really awesome. i think your training is intense and you are doing a good job building up on it and still doing your own thing. my left wrist is recovering. not long now until it gets tested!

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