Friday Mauy Thai night

I have watched live Muay Thai before but never after actually training in the art myself, the training gave me a new perspective on the art and also a new respect.

The stadium is located right next to the gym and as a boxer at the gym, we get stamps allowing us free entry to watch the fights which is great as the prices range between 1000 – 2000 Baht.

The atmosphere inside the stadium is electric as the traditional Thai music plays and builds up in intensity as the fights progress.

The night started off with some kids fights, which sounds harsh but the kids really seem to enjoy themselves and they also do not fight as hard as the adults.


The two kids had a blast, smiling after each round. Length makes a massive difference in Muay Thai fights, even just a few centimeters can give an opponent a massive advantage. This was the case in above fight the kids in the red gloves had the height advantage and managed to win the fight.

Below are some more fighting photos, we even got to saw a knock out!







The below fight was painful to watch. It was a Canadian versus a Thai fighter and the Canadian did not stand a chance. The fight lasted an entire round before the Canadian was taken down with a brutal kick to the shin. He also took a solid punch right in the unmentionables.

I have a lot of respect for him as it takes a lot of courage getting in the ring in front of two hundred people and being prepared to fight. He was not ready for the match and he was also heavily outclassed, I have no idea why he was there in the first place and why they pitted him against such a strong opponent.

IMG_8788   IMG_8789

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