Phuket / Muay Thai Training Day Six Afternoon Session

Friday is fight night, not for us but at the stadium right next to the gym. So everybody is a bit more relaxed, which makes the training also a little chiller.

I started with skipping, which kills my legs but it is a great exercise. I will definitely purchase a skipping rope to take along with me, where ever I travel. It packs lightly and the intensity is way better than for example running.

After the skipping and doing some body weight exercises the coaches put me in the ring with one of the other trainees, a young guy from Switzerland, I think. He is insanely fit and also an excellent boxer.

In a blink, I could have missed four of his punches, we went at it a couple of rounds but he came out as the clear victor, it was great fun. After me they put the kid up against the tall Australian guy, Alex, who has at least a 50cm length advantage on him, needless to say, this time Alex was the clear victor.

After the sparring Walter and I did a complete core workout and I also finished up my bodyweight fitness routine. I do not think that I have done this many push ups and sit ups ever but I can already feel it paying off.

I needed to do some shopping after the training so I headed to the Tesco’s, they have a food court where you upload some money to a card and then you have a selection of about 100 dishes. Really good dishes. I had some grilled chicken and a papaya salad.





5 thoughts on “Phuket / Muay Thai Training Day Six Afternoon Session”

  1. do you spar every day? must be some workout. love the composition of the first picture. the first time i experienced loading cards for food i thought it was very interesting! i hope you had a good weekend.


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