Saturday and Sunday

So Friday night turned out to be a massive party. We had two members leaving us, returning to their home countries, Matt from Australia and Walter from China, so after the fights, we all went out for a couple of drinks. A couple of drinks ended up being beers in the swimming pool till the early hours of the morning.

It is great for team moral, hanging out with the guys that you are training with and I love hearing their stories, experiences and what actually brought them here.

The trainees are from all over the world and are all different ages but everyone seems to get along really well. Regardless of our late Friday night, everyone is really dedicated and committed to the training which makes it a lot easier for me to keep motivated.

Saturday we all missed morning training as everybody slept in a bit late. A few of us went for lunch at a Texas BBQ place we discovered just down the road and man, were we impressed. The ribs were smoked to perfection.




The rest of Saturday was really chilled, napped most of the afternoon. I think the weeks training just really caught up to me as I was destroyed. Not just physically but even mentally I was exhausted. I needed the time just to chill out a bit.

Sunday was also relaxed, spent most of the day by the pool with my friend from Italy as he is already on his way back to Europe. Afterwards, went to a reggae bar with Nisha from my club and we just hung out for  awhile before returning and hitting the bed.

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