Week Two – Monday Training

Today’s training was insane, I was paired up with my original coach, who abandoned me after one day, last week, but today he taught me with a new vigor!

He helped me strap up my hands before both sessions and then led me to the ring. Last time he trained me, it was very technical, he focussed on the smaller details and on the technicalities of the moves, whereas this time we focused on doing the moves.

We danced up and down the ring, with me throwing punch after punch and kick after kick. We also worked in some knees and elbows but they are not yet my strong point.

He also put me in the ring to spar with the Argentinian guy who basically used my head as a punching bag, I blocked most of the punches but it still feels like being knocked on the side of the head with a soccer ball.

This is an important part of the training, as this works on the dreaded flinch reflex, which again today reared its ugly head but after realising that the punches are not going to be fatal, and if I block them it will be ok, the flinch reflex receded somewhat. There is still a lot to be done about it but no one said it was going to be easy.

I did not make the morning run session, actually I do not think anybody except for Nic made it but I tried to compensate by skipping my ass off. I almost made it to 1000 skips today before I was called by my coach for some additional punishment.

Just some shots of todays lunch!



I did go for a run before the afternoon session. Not many people went but as always Nic was there and we had a nice chat whilst we were running. It made the run go by quick and the pace was perfect, not too fast and not too slow.

I also worked in my bodyweight training into the session, handstands and all, and I can honestly say that this is where I have seen the most improvement over the last week. My pull ups are energetic, I can do 50 push ups with ease, reverse pull ups are also a breeze… I have no idea why as I have been doing this routine for a few months now and in one week I can feel more improvement than what I have in a month of doing the routine.

I felt like I had lost some steam at the end of last week, but after todays session, I feel 100% back on track and ready for action. I took some more gym pictures as this weekend I saw some other gyms, some really fancy gyms, where you can order a massage to your room and choose which type of yoga class you want to attend, well my gym is not one of those gyms and that is why I love it.

It is 100% pure Mauy Thai training, you have what you need and nothing more.

This guy has no consistency… This morning he was crowing from 3:00AM till around 11:00AM. It might be the rain.
Our tools of the trade… In all honesty I think these have kinda became props because we have some better equipment… Somewhere.
I love it that it feels like you are training in a forest.
As above.
I have had to fight this thing before, it looks worse than what it is.


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