Week Two – Wednesday Training

Wednesday already, time is flying by! I cannot believe that I have been training for ten days. It really feels like I arrived yesterday but I guess when you are training for +- 6 hours a day, time escapes you.

The training has seemed to take a routine, usually I was paired with different coaches, did different exercises and generally mixed things up a lot but now it seems that one coach has made it his mission to train me and a guy called Marcelle from the Netherlands. It is the coach from this post that likes his hammock naps 😉

Both sessions today were pretty much identical, I started off with some skipping, then stretching followed by some free time in which I did some bodyweight fitness and some punching bag work, then the coach called me over to practice some technics, then some fitness with the coach and then I finish up my bodyweight fitness routine.

But in session two I did something different… Let me rewind, earlier the day I showed one of my fellow trainees the protein supplement that I am using. He remarked, “Oh it has creatine in too”, I was surprised, “Not that I know off.”, “Yes, right here on the label, 3g creatine.”, “Oh”, I said…

I had absolutely no idea that  I was using creatine, I have nothing against it and I have used it before but it was just a huge surprise. I actually considered buying some the other day but decided against it.

So in the afternoon session, I was exhausted from the get go, everything felt a little lackluster, then just before the session with my coach, I ran to my room and had a quick protein/creatine shake.

The effect was immediate.

I had a sudden jolt of energy, I had more power and I suddenly had stamina, which a few minutes ago I could only have wished for. Seeing that I thought that it is only a protein shake, I would normally have only taken it after training.

From now on, I will definitely take this right before training. The exact contents of the supplement are as follows:

  • 30g Protein
  • 1g Sugar
  • 3g Creatine
  • 6.9g BCAAs
  • 5.3g Glutamine & Precursor
  • 3.2g Leucine

The only reason I bought this specific brand of protein powder was because I knew I had to take some form of protein supplement, as the Thai diet is very light in protein, so when I went to the nutrition store, I overheard an elderly Japanese lady saying to her daughter, “This one is number one”, so I thought, sure why not, it was a little more expensive than the rest but I mean, the Japanese lady did say it is the best.

I think taking this before exercise will greatly boost my performance, I am really excited to test this theory because it might just all be in my head.

I also noticed for the first time, the label says to drink 8 – 10 glasses of water per day whilst using the protein supplement, I am currently averaging 4.5 litres a day minimum, so I guess I am good.

My injuries are starting to interfere, not just with my training but my daily life, I am limping around like someone who just had a car accident. I am not going to post photos of the injuries/wounds as they are a little graphic.

But the full list of my injuries are blisters on my hands from pull ups, wounds on my knuckles from punches, blisters on both knees from kneeing the punching bag, my shins are blue from kicks and blocking kicks, my feet have wounds on them from the sandals and lastly my head has a few bumps from taking some punches.

It is like Nic, my fellow trainee says “There is always something.” So the only option is to push through and keep going.

The day was also filled with delicious food. I found this little local spot and had some delicious noodles.





For dinner, we went to a little night market and had an assortment of foods.









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