Week Two – Friday Training

I missed both my progress pics and update post yesterday but for a pretty valid reason. I woke in the morning feeling completely drained and totally out of it.

I wrote it off as fatigue, from lack of sleep, and went to the training anyway. As we started with the stretches, I knew something was wrong, normally with these I would shake off any fatigue and warm up to the training, but not yesterday morning.

I finished the stretches and could barely get off from the floor. Something was very wrong… I excused myself and went to lie down a bit. “Maybe I should eat something”, I thought, so I dragged myself through the shower and made my way to a restaurant.

After eating a lunch of BBQ chicken, brown rice and salad, I felt even worse. When I got back to the gym, I just got in bed and slept. I never nap and never sleep during the day but yesterday, I was could barely keep my eyes open.

I am sure that I caught some kind of bug at the night market, the previous night, I ate a curry which I tasted a little dodgy but it did not upset my stomach.

So I ended up skipping the morning and afternoon training sessions, as I slept through them, thankfully one of my fellow trainees brought me some medicine, food and honey with hot water, and after eating I immediately fell asleep.

This morning I woke up still feeling very much out of it, even after 20+ hours of sleep, so I took it very easy today but forced myself to go to the evening training session.

I did not want to over exert myself, so I skipped all the cardio and just did my full bodyweight fitness routine, which can be found here. It is not an easy routine and it still took me two hours to do. I could feel that I am not 100% yet, I was lacking a lot of stamina and power.

Now after the training I feel ok, still a bit fatigued but I can feel that most of the virus has left my body.

So tonight is fight night again, we are all heading to the stadium to see some Muay Thai.

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