Weekend Update: Small fights, late nights and hospital visits.

I don’t even know where to begin because so much happened over the weekend… Lets start with Friday, Friday was fight night which was a little boring this time as there were no big fights, knock outs or fights where the contenders really went at it, overall it felt more “showy” than real fights but it is still great to see some live Muay Thai.

My favourite part of the evening was probably the four year old friends (maybe brothers) fighting. Before the fight they could be seen running around playing and just having a good time but when they were in the ring… Just kidding, they played more than they fought and at the end, both were winners.




The children fight was a real crowd pleaser. There were several more serious fights, the one being two Muay Thai veterans, where both were showing off and taunting one another but I think both underestimated each one another. The fight ended up going all seven rounds without a knock out but it came close. The guy with the blue gloves had an insane kick, if he was to connect, he would literally have taken the other guys head off.


IMG_8911  IMG_8913

After the fight, everyone just went to bed as Saturday morning we had another training day. Saturday morning I was still not 100%, I had a great training session but I could feel that the virus was still sapping away at my energy, nether-less I still gave it 100% and had a great session.

The rest of Saturday was spent doing some shopping, eating and just taking it easy as Saturday afternoon we had another training session. I actually took a nap right before the session and woke feeling fresh and ready for action.

I eat a lot of grilled chicken and salad, it has became my go to dish here in Thailand, although I love the noodle soups, the fried rice and the Pad Thai, the grilled chicken with salad is delicious and definitely the healthy choice and no, not I did not indulge in the below donuts but it was a close call. The below is grilled chicken, roast pork, jalapeno peppers and rice, so good and I also had a papaya salad with it.





After the nap, I felt ready for the training and met up with everyone at 16:00. After the stretches the coach told me to warm up so long, while he spends some time with another trainee, Marcelle.

I did some skipping, sit ups, push ups and bag punches, then the coach called me for our one on one session. I can feel that my technique has improved as I have pretty much nailed the basics, like punches and kicks but he one thing with Muay Thai is that as soon as you master one technique and feel like you are making progress, there are ten new moves to learn.

The best is to take it one day at a time.

After the one on one session with the coach, I had a sparring session with Marcelle again, he has been doing kick boxing for a few years, so his punches hits hard and fast but I have learnt to dodge, block and counter. Sparring is great fun and an awesome adrenaline rush, I will miss it the most when training ends.

Below are some photos of the guys in action at the gym. Photo one, you can see Alex, the Australian, ready for action, never to be caught off guard, even if it is just a photo 🙂




After the sparring session, we did some more fitness exercises and a few of us hung around and played on the pull up bars. I have decided that I will train to do a muscle up, I was very close to it but could just not get myself all the way up. I watched some videos on technique, so hopefully today will be the day.


The above photo is post ABS workout, notice “Pando” on my left, he is finished 🙂


I managed to hold the one arm handstand for a few seconds, another move on my to do list.

After training we all went to the pool, which is about 500 meters from where I stay for a team BBQ. Everyone was there and it was an amazing night. We had some beers, BBQ, there was singing and swimming, a very good night.

On the way back to my room from the BBQ I got bitten by a little dog. Just a small bite but the dog did manage to rip the skin and I knew I had to go to the hospital. Long story short, two hours, eight injections, scheduled return visits, a course of antibiotics, 32 000 Baht (R13 000 / $900) and peace of mind, I was back in bed, no worse than before.


Sunday was spent moping and feeling sorry for myself but today everything is good again!

10 thoughts on “Weekend Update: Small fights, late nights and hospital visits.”

  1. full weekend there! funny how you are the second i have heard in phuket get bit by a dog. eat the donuts next time and i am sure the virus and dog bite will heal faster. lovely one hand stand. now you are just showing off!

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