Week Three – Tuesday Training

Let me start off with the dog bite, since I have been bitten, I have found out that the dog, that bit me, is a regular menace and has bitten several trainees. Apparently I am lucky as a few months ago, one of the trainees bent down to pet the dog and it bit her right in the face. She had to get several stitches.

Yesterday, I attended the training but took it easy on the boxing as my hand was a little sore. The dog bite is really small, I actually think that the five injections around the wound caused more hurt than the bite itself. I was still able to do a hardcore fitness regime, which was good.

Today I got taped up and was ready for action, the hand is still a little sensitive but not enough to stop me from fighting. I had two great training sessions, doing everything from skipping to handstands to some floor work with my coaches.

I was matched with two different coaches one in the morning session and one in the evening session, which is good as they both have very different techniques and you get to find out what really works for you.

In my last post I mentioned that I could feel that my kicks and punches have improved but today I realised that literally all of my exercises have improved.

I can now hold a handstand indefinitely which was definitely not the case when I started training here, I can even hold a one arm handstand but just for a few seconds. Pushups and sit ups have become a breeze and they basically act as a filler between each exercise. My skipping capacity has doubled, pull ups are almost muscle ups and my flexibility is off the scale.

It is really awesome to be able to sit here, two weeks into my training and feel a real difference. I spoke to a lot of the guys training with me and they all  feel the same, people have become fit, lost weight and learnt to fight in a mere two weeks.

The one thing that has worried me over the last two weeks is the uncertainty of once I am done here, how will I maintain this? Well the solution was actually easy, just go to another gym/training camp… I am only heading back home on the 18th of August, so I can easily squeeze in another two weeks but I have to be out of Thailand by the end of the month due to visa restrictions.

The world works in mysterious ways… When I started this blog, Micah, a fellow blogger from https://micahdoes.wordpress.com/ told me about a gym in The Philippines, Legacy Gym Boracay and I thought maybe on my next visit I will go there but I have decided to go at the end of the month. Another trainee, Tim is going and we have became good mates over the last two weeks, so it will be great to carry on my training over there with him! So Micah, I will see Legacy Gym Boracay sooner than we thought!

To finish off, here is the latest in my diet, ALI’s BBQ, great salad and BBQ.





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