Thursday morning training and fight night

This morning session I attempted to kick again, only to double down in pain after I got hit directly on my leg which was bruised from yesterdays afternoon session . The coach spent five minutes massaging my leg before we continued. After that I put on a shin guard and that allowed me to kick again without any discomfort or pain what so ever.

I honestly underestimated injuries, I was in my mindset that you can just push through the pain and carry on, “Mind over matter” as they say… But I have now discovered that this is in fact not possible. The human body can only endure so much pain.

Being stiff and sore from training is another story, that is the kind of pain which one can just push through and once you are warmed up , the pain feels good and you almost crave that soreness, but muscle injuries, bruises and joint pains are on a whole different level.

I now have officially three training sessions left before I leave for the Philippines. I am not sure whether I will attend tomorrows training as tonight it is going to be a late night. We are renting a van and all of us are going to support one of our fellow trainees with his first ever fight.

This fighter is Ryan from America, who has been training for almost five weeks, which is nothing really, but he was in the United States military for five years where he did some boxing among other things. He seems prepared and ready and we are all rooting for him, I have all the respect in the world for anybody willing to get into the ring in front of more than five hundred people and putting their life on the line .

I will try and video the whole event but regardless of what happens, I am sure it will be a great experience for Ryan and us all!

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