Phuket / Muay Thai Training Day Two

Todays training turned out to be extremely challenging, after completing the morning session, I could barely keep my eyes open, I was so tired.

The thing with Muay Thai training is that it is a lot of cardio, so I decided to also do a bodyweight fitness routine, right after this morning’s session. The routine involves pull ups, push ups, planks, handstands, squats, dips and several other exercises. I definitely over done it a little bit.


I have decided to keep going with the body weight fitness routine, as I do not want to lose the strength that I have built up over the last few months. I may have to take the Muay Thai morning sessions a little slower every Monday, Wednesday and Friday as that is when I do the body weight fitness routine.

After training I had some chicken and rice, a really simple dish but definitely one of my favourites in Thailand.

IMG_8679 (1)

Training session two was just as intense as the first one. There were a few new faces who joined the club so everything was a little chaotic and I thought that I will give up my trainer for the night and just practice some punches and do some core exercise.

Which is exactly what I did but it did not turn out exactly as planned. After rotating between punches and sit ups for about 45 minutes my coach tracked me down…

After an intense 45 minutes I resumed with my regular routine of kicks, punches and elbows but hey, no one said that it is going to be easy… I also sparred for the first time which was both exciting and pretty scary but is only day two. I am sure that I will spar like a champ in one months time.

I have also added a daily run to my routine as well. Tomorrow morning 6:00 AM, I will meet up with some of the guys in the club and we will go for a quick 6km run, so this may be the first morning that I actually wake up from my alarm and not the blaring music.

Dinner tonight was also chicken and rice but this time it was cooked in an extremely tasty pepper sauce and it was also served with an egg. One of the tastiest meals I have had in Thailand. It was a “nicer” restaurant as I met a friend and his wife who are holidaying here in Phuket before returning to Italy for dinner.

That is it for today, I need to get to bed as I have that run tomorrow.

Sunday (off day) Recap

Firstly, I completely underestimated Saturdays training, my body was aching on Sunday. I could feel the strain from the continuos punches and kicks which I will have to get use to, as I will be training six days a week.

Sunday is my off day, so no official training but I decided to just do some stretches, core exercise and hand stands. I have decided to incorporate my own daily stretches into the program as I can feel the immediate relief after completing stretching yesterday.

Apart from stretching my day was spent just getting my setup up and running. I had to go out and buy a new monitor because the screen of my Macbook Pro broke in Cambodia, making it impossible to work. Yes, I did get a quote to fix it but it costs $700, which does not make sense as I can repair it under warranty back home in South Africa.

I also had my “cheat day”, wolfing down a Big Mac and a Coke. I will afford myself such “luxuries” once a week but the rest of the time, no sodas and definitely no Mac Donalds.

I went for a Thai massage from a lady who really knew what she was doing, I often go for massages and more than not, I am super disappointed but not this time. The lady was clearly a professional. I explained to her the parts of my body which were in pain and she paid special attention to them.

Overall a good relaxed Sunday, I think I will come to cherish these more and more as the month progresses.

Sunday lunch, roasted duck, pork wontons and noodles.
Sunday lunch, roasted duck, pork wontons and noodles.

The above pic is roasted duck, pork wontons and noodles and this was 70 Baht, which is about $2. Below is also noodles but pork noodles with some vegetables in a super tasty broth and this was 40 Baht, which is around $1.15. I am still amazed at the quality of food you can get for the prices in Thailand. I just visited Cambodia and I struggled to find a decent meal for under $3.

Pork with noodles and veg.
Pork with noodles and veg.

Phuket / Muay Thai Training Day One

I only got to bed quite late last night as the last Mauy Thai fight finished at midnight, things settled down at around 1:00 AM, I think I fell asleep shortly afterwards.

My alarm went off at 5:30 AM but I quickly snoozed that and slept some more. At 8:00 AM I was awoken by very loud, very hardcore rock and roll music coming from the gym. I stay literally 10 meters away from the gym and keep in mind that the gym is outdoor, so I pretty much got woke up by a massive speakers blaring music in front of my door.

Two minutes past eight I rushed outside and joined the other 5 trainees busy with warm up stretches. I love stretching, so this was my favourite. After the stretching we paired off to our personal trainers, where they did different exercises with each person.

Mine took upon himself to teach me the techniques of Muay Thai, so we practiced everything from stance to punches, kicks and elbow blows. Did I mention Muay Thai is brutal?

The more we practiced, the more I realized that it is not just about the punches and kicks but there is a whole art behind it. For example, keeping a straight posture and not hunching, keeping your legs straight, delivering straight punches… My trainer kept reiterating this by reminding me when something is not beautiful.

I would hunch my shoulders when committing for a left jab and he would jab back, but with words, “not beautiful, do beautiful” and then demonstrate what he meant.

In all honesty the morning session was a breeze in terms of fitness, not really much to it. Although I did still sweat enough, to water a small crop but that was mostly due to the heat.

After the training with the coach, I did some handstands, pull ups and planks but nothing serious as there are two sessions per day…

Fast forward to session two…

Just finished the second session and it was great! A lot of sparring, not much else but I am not complaining as this is extremely intense and I finished 1.5 liters of water, before the session was even over.

Also my foot/leg is raw from high and low kicks… The coach drilled me on those. I probably did around 50 kicks and he was still not satisfied. This may be because I almost broke his hand when I missed the cushion that he was holding an kicked him right on the hand. Did I mention Muay Thai is brutal?

Overall my day was super chilled, I have not felt this relaxed in weeks. I think it is the combination of knowing what lies ahead in terms of food, exercise and a place to stay. People take this for granted but as a traveler, each day holds a different adventure and while it is great, it does get somewhat exhausting after a while (5 months). It is just relaxing and reassuring knowing where I will rest my head and that my stuff is safely packed away.

Over to my diet…

For breakfast I had a stuffed omelette (delicious). I only ate a few hours after waking up and after training, so to compensate for the lack of a pre training meal, I bought some Whey protein to have as soon as I wake up in the mornings, this will ensure that I not burn any muscle. See the omelette below:


For lunch I had grilled chicken, amazing and both these meals were only 60 Baht, which is around 2 Dollars.


I will definitely have both of these meals again, both were extremely tasty!

And lastly supper. I regrettably went out the night with one of the fighters I met to Patong each, which is not really my scene and this led to getting to bed way later then planned… Fun night but I am not here for the parties and pretty lights, I am here to get as fit and shredded as possible in four weeks.

For dinner we had curry, I had the Chicken Rogan Josh with butter naan, it was delicious and it went down superbly with an ice cold Chang beer.


Muai Thai Camp Check in



Today I arrived at my home for the next month. A month is one twelfth of a year, so just under ten percent. If you think about it, that is a shit load of time.

So my new home is Suwit Mauy Thai gym in Phuket, Thailand and it is here where I will be living and training for the next month. It was by far the cheapest place I could find online, to do Maui Thai training, the closest was almost four times the price.

You get what you pay for I guess…

No, I do not really mean that. After all it is only day one. Way to soon to judge but I can assure you that I will not be living in luxury but as my friend just said, “You have a plate of food and a roof over your head, it could be worse.”

In all honesty I am actually extremely excited. I am excited that I will be living in  dingy room, a few feet away from the outdoor gym, where I will be training everyday. I am excited bout the limited food menu, available right outside the gym, I am excited about the liters of sweat, which will be inevitable in this unbearable heat and I damn sure am excited about the results. Going to get shredded!

So today I checked in, after a flight from Siem Reap and tomorrow I will start my training. I will try to document all my food, the training routine, any additional supplements that I consume and also my general well being.

I will also take regular progress photos as the month progresses documenting either my extreme weight loss or my extreme muscle gain, I hope for the latter. I will definitely supplement my diet with protein shakes and also as much protein as possible, as the Thai diet is not known for the high protein contents.

The training is 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM everyday and will last between one and two hours.

So why am I doing this?

I have already been travelling South East Asia for the last five months, after one month I decided to do the Iron Man in Da Nang, Vietnam. This was extremely challenging but also extremely rewarding, one of the best things that I have done in my life. Once that was done I felt a real emptiness, a lack of purpose and direction and I needed to fill it with something… I kept doing body weight fitness exercises but it was not enough, hence the Muai Thai. This will once again challenge and push me to the edge.

I think I need the challenge, I strongly believe in always challenging oneself in all aspects of your life and my challenge at this stage is to optimize my body and health.

IMG_8645 IMG_8644