Phuket / Muay Thai Training Day Five Morning Session

I woke up with pain all over my body, at first I just lay completely still, contemplating what will be the most effective¬†way to get out of bed without triggering any of the displeased¬†muscles…

There was none.

I dragged myself out of bed and got ready for the morning run. It was hard but I did it. The run was great, I took some pictures on the way there and I finally got to measure the exact distance, which turned out to be 4.6km and not 6km.

Here are some pics from the morning run.

Notice the cows, peacefully grazing in the field.
Notice the cows, peacefully grazing in the field.
This is the final stretch before turning around, the water around you seems to renew your energy or it could be the view.
This is the final stretch before turning around, the water around you seems to renew your energy or it could be the view.
This is the from the end of the pier.
This is the from the end of the pier.
Here you can spot two other members, Nic and Nisha making their way towards the pier.
Here you can spot two other club members, Nic and Nisha making their way towards the pier.

I am lucky to have such a beautiful route, literally right outside the club. As the weeks go by, I will keep adding some distance to the route.

After the run, we did our morning stretch and I noticed something about the human psyche…

So there is one guy training with us, who has decided that he will not run, stretch or partake in any of the group exercises, he just spars with his coach. His reason is, he is saving his energy for the boxing, this means that while everyone else is stretching and doing some fitness exercises, he is off alone sparring with his coach in the ring next to us.

Today I notice that a whole lot of members were shooting him dark glances and some openly spoke about if you are here to train for Muay Thai, you should do the whole package, all while looking at him… Anyway is comes down to him ostracising himself from the group and people don’t tend to like it.

I cannot concern myself with the actions of others, although I do feel that it is kind of a waste to only spar for 30 minutes when there is an entire routine of +- 2 hours specifically created for trainees. Some of the more senior members feel that they should condemn and comment on his behaviour.

Play time is over…

I seem to have attracted the attention of two of the younger coaches who have made it their mission to summon me as soon as the stretching is over, they then proceed to unleash all their frustrations on me but in a good way.

Training is getting harder and harder each day and that is how it should be, I never want to feel complacent, I want to feel like I am going to die or vomit at least.

So this mornings training involved a combination of elbows, punches, knees and kicks, focusing on delivering several fast combinations of the above.

We ended the training with pull ups, push ups and  several rounds of air sparring. I did not have energy for handstands as I only got six hours of sleep, due to work, I can feel it is not nearly enough, I was very weak throughout the training.

Thats it for now, I¬†have only had a banana after training, time to go and look for some food ūüôā

Phuket / Muay Thai Training Day Four Afternoon Session

There is an old saying “be careful what you wish for”. Today I experienced just that… So yesterday I complained about my trainers being unenthusiastic. Today I experienced the exact opposite, I was paired up with a younger trainer who normally works with the more senior trainees.

He did not take it easy on me, I literally got my ass kicked. I took several punches to the face, my legs were swept out from under me and as the above says, I got kicked, a lot.

I am not complaining, it was one of the most exciting session that I have had and it really had me questioning my fitness. I mean I was out of breath, in one minute, after defending myself against his continuos blows, kicks and elbows. After three minutes the bell rang and I felt like I was going to die but that was not enough, we still had to do 10 pushups.

We went five rounds like this, all followed with pushups, several times I made hard contact with the ring’s floor and my ankle has also swollen up from taking a knock whilst defending myself against his kicks.

He had no mercy, which is cool, I like it this way. Just when I thought that it is finished, he called me back in to the ring for some more sparring, this time we both wore all the equipment and their were no holds barred. But this time I also got a few kicks and punches in but it was basically when he was taunting me and I was like “enough is enough!”.

After the session with him, I still completed my bodyweight routine, I actually thought of abandoning it as I do a lot of push ups throughout training but I have been working it for about four months with great results, so no reason to abandon it. I will just have to man up!

There is no food pics in this post as I was starved and just got the same delicious egg fried rice with chicken as yesterday because I also had a meeting with a client over Skype, which went great! To compensate, here is a handstand pic at the Dragon Bridge in Da Nang, Vietnam ūüôā


Phuket / Muay Thai Training Day Four Morning Session

Woah, this mornings session was a blast! Once again we kicked it off with a brief run, which has been said to 4.5km and not 6km. I will measure it myself tomorrow.

The Australian guy won the race this morning, but I finished right behind him. It was good to run at my own pace, I finished the run in 25 minutes and 30 seconds, which is not too bad, but it makes a huge difference whether the distance is 6km or 4.5km.

After the run, I dived right in to the dynamic stretches from my bodyweight fitness routine. Just this alone is normally enough to break out into a sweat. Before I was completely finished the coach rounded us up for a 15 minute stretch session. I really want to record the next stretch session, to watch the exercises again, once I leave, as I can really feel my body opening up.

The coaches seemed to over compensate for yesterdays lack of enthusiasm and I was drilled like never before. We focused mainly on punches, jabs and footwork but I was also introduced to a new move today, the backhand.

Sometimes I think that if you were to land one of the above mentioned moves¬†you will do some real damage to someone’s face! I have gained a lot more respect for fighters of all kinds, since the start of¬†this journey. It is one thing to see it on a television or from the ringside but knowing the impact, that a perfectly landed punch, can have on its target changes the whole picture.

After the official training I went back to my bodyweight routine and did several core exercises followed up by some skill work, namely handstands and holding the dip position on parallel bars.

At this stage I was pooped, so I decided just to do one set of pull up and dips, three reps of each and I will leave the rest of the routine for this afternoon. I think that doing it this way, is a better way of distributing the load between the two sessions because when I did the full on Monday, I almost passed out.

Nutrition wise, I switched things up a bit today… I had my BCAA’s upon waking up and my shake before the training instead of after the training. I found that I had a lot more energy and I was also not completely shattered after the training. Surprisingly I was not hungry either…

So after training I went to look for a local market to buy some fresh fruits and vegetables but I could not find one and ended up buying it from a supermarket. Great quality produce but on the more expensive side. I will find out from one of the locals where I can find one of these markets.

After the shopping expedition, I had a spicy pork salad¬†with a side of sticky rice¬†for lunch. This is one of my favourite Thai dishes as it packs immense amounts of flavour, like Guy Fiery would say, “Welcome to flavour town!”.



The rice just soaks up the sauce and they crush the herbs and spices on order making the flavours insane!

The funny thing is, I always ask for spicy but they are afraid to give it¬†all that they have, when a Westerner orders, so I always end up adding extra chilli and they are like “what, this guy can handle spicy food!?!?”

Phuket / Muay Thai Training Day Three

So today I was awoken by my own alarm and not the gyms blaring rock n roll music. I got up at six, to meet the team for a brief run, only to see that  the designated meeting point was deserted.

I waited for fifteen minutes and returned to my room. I spent some time reading and at seven I heard a commotion, I learnt that we run at seven and not six.

In total we were four who started together but I paired off an Australian trainee who is about double my length tall, which meant that every step he took,¬†I had to give about three…

Long story short, the two of us sprinted ahead and it really took a lot out of me to keep up, eventually he shot out in front but as they say “the tortoise always wins the race”, I caught up with him near the end and took the lead.

We did a 6km run in about 30 minutes, not too bad…

After this, it was time for the actual training. I almost did not make it there, after the run, my bed seemed like the logical place to be, it took everything to stand up and join the rest of the trainees. Luckily they were busy with stretches and I needed me some stretching.

The club is filling up, I see new faces everyday. Which means we have to share trainers, this suits me 100%, as I like to combine some calisthenics into my work outs.

So the¬†morning¬†basically went as follows, group stretches, handstands, my own stretches, sit ups, handstands, handstands, sit ups and then¬†when the coach cornered me, the same coach I later caught dozing off, I guess him forcing me to kick me punching bag 2000 times really tired him out ūüôā


We proceeded the daily practice of punches, jabs, kicks and elbows. The coach is not really fluent in English, so when I have to jab, he says “jabba jabba”, at one point I just started laughing. Maybe that is why he tried to kill me with all those kicks… Mind you it is not¬†the coach¬†kicking me but him¬†demanding right kick after right kick followed by a right kick and then another right kick, I think I counted 22¬†in a row before I lost count. I am sure, I am ¬†going to tear the skin on my foot/leg soon.

Then I thought¬†I was done but suddenly¬†another coach roped me and few other guys in, for knee kick practice… This entails walking up and down the gym kicking with your knees as you go along. I could not really get the technique down but it all comes down to time, commitment and practice. Rome was not born in a day. I finished the session off with some more handstands and some explosive core exercises, I really want to focus on my core as I realise that it is behind so many of the calisthenics exercises.

After training I almost passed out, I felt extremely light headed and felt the need to sit down, I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, I recovered but immediately went to the nearest restaurant and ordered some fried rice with chicken and a fried egg (notice the chilli, I added that). I could not finish the meal, I needed to bag it up for take away.



I will have to make a plan to get some food in before training, I seriously think that I am burning way too much fuel without really having any fuel… I do drink a serving of BCAA’s which should at least prevent the degradation of muscle and I also have¬†a protein shake after training, but I think I need actual substance.

I will have to buy some fruit, oats, milk and foods that will allow me to make my own pre training breakfast. Resources in my room is just super limited as I do not have a fridge or a kettle.

The afternoon was super chilled, met up with my friends again and spent some time just lazing by the pool, I almost fell asleep but then we went to have some lunch.

Lunch was great, it was kind of do it yourself noodles. They provide the base and you choose your ingredients and it is huge! I Tom Yum soup with rice noodles, muscles, squid, egg and mushrooms. The combination sounds weird but it tastes great.


Oh and here is the pool where I was lucky enough to hang out at. Well actually the pool is behind as but you kind of get the best of both worlds.


So this afternoons training was a battle, I think my body needs to get use to this intense training because I really have to dig deep to find the energy to get myself suited up and on to the gym floor.

I am starting to¬†become a little self conscious as I was juggled between two coaches today, neither of whom seemed really interested or pleased to be training me… It might just be my imagination or it might just be that after two days of training the coaches has decided that I am untrainable…

I will see how it goes tomorrow and the rest of the month. All jokes aside, training was great, a lot of time spent on my core. I am going to be doing a lot of research about exercises as I have certain goals I want to achieve and I want to focus on the type of exercise that will help me achieve them.

Here are a few of the top of my head:

  • The human flag, I mean who does not want to be able to do a human flag, that will be like the coolest party trick ever.
  • Handstand push ups, just like the name says, basically pushups in the handstand position.
  • A slow rise into a handstand on bars, so basically slowly raising yourself up into a handstand position and eventually I want to be able to this on a trolly in a super market.

Thats it for today!