Muai Thai Camp Check in



Today I arrived at my home for the next month. A month is one twelfth of a year, so just under ten percent. If you think about it, that is a shit load of time.

So my new home is Suwit Mauy Thai gym in Phuket, Thailand and it is here where I will be living and training for the next month. It was by far the cheapest place I could find online, to do Maui Thai training, the closest was almost four times the price.

You get what you pay for I guess…

No, I do not really mean that. After all it is only day one. Way to soon to judge but I can assure you that I will not be living in luxury but as my friend just said, “You have a plate of food and a roof over your head, it could be worse.”

In all honesty I am actually extremely excited. I am excited that I will be living in  dingy room, a few feet away from the outdoor gym, where I will be training everyday. I am excited bout the limited food menu, available right outside the gym, I am excited about the liters of sweat, which will be inevitable in this unbearable heat and I damn sure am excited about the results. Going to get shredded!

So today I checked in, after a flight from Siem Reap and tomorrow I will start my training. I will try to document all my food, the training routine, any additional supplements that I consume and also my general well being.

I will also take regular progress photos as the month progresses documenting either my extreme weight loss or my extreme muscle gain, I hope for the latter. I will definitely supplement my diet with protein shakes and also as much protein as possible, as the Thai diet is not known for the high protein contents.

The training is 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM everyday and will last between one and two hours.

So why am I doing this?

I have already been travelling South East Asia for the last five months, after one month I decided to do the Iron Man in Da Nang, Vietnam. This was extremely challenging but also extremely rewarding, one of the best things that I have done in my life. Once that was done I felt a real emptiness, a lack of purpose and direction and I needed to fill it with something… I kept doing body weight fitness exercises but it was not enough, hence the Muai Thai. This will once again challenge and push me to the edge.

I think I need the challenge, I strongly believe in always challenging oneself in all aspects of your life and my challenge at this stage is to optimize my body and health.

IMG_8645 IMG_8644