Goodbye Thailand, hello Phillipines

I am currently in Malaysia but technically, I am not in any country, as I am on the airport waiting out a 3 hour stop over before leaving for Manila. Last night was my last night in Phuket and I left the gym this morning at 7:00 AM to catch my flight at 10:25 AM.

I will arrive in Manila, Philippines tonight at 9:00 PM and then fly to Boracay tomorrow afternoon sometime. I have not yet booked a flight as I have to get yet another rabies shot tomorrow, so once I have done that I will leave Manila.

Thursday was Ryan’s fight in Patong,¬†unfortunately he lost the fight but he put on a fantastic show. Ryan’s opponent was much taller than Ryan and also had a massive advantage due to having a much longer reach. It was extremely¬†hard for Ryan to get any punches in and his opponent knew it. At one stage Ryan actually jumped up into the air and threw a nice jab.

Ryan is really muscular and his opponent was really skinny. He used his height advantage against Ryan, constantly clinching him and going for the easy elbows.

Ryan surprisingly lasted five rounds before the referee stopped the fight. With each round, Ryan came back full of heart and energy and there were a couple of times that I thought, “Woah, the comeback is real.” but it never happened. If Ryan’s opponent was only a couple of inches shorter, Ryan would have easily taken the fight.

Here are some post fight pictures.







Ryan was not injured or even that tired after the fight. We all went to see him as soon as it was done. He said that the guy he was fighting was not really strong, so even though he landed solid punches, knees and elbows, Ryan walked away unscathed.

All respect to Ryan, lasting five rounds with an Thai fighter who has been doing Muay Thai since the age of four. It is a massive accomplishment for any Westerner to step into the ring with a Thai fighter.