Four day week.

The last few weeks seem to have been rather chaotic as they were littered with public holidays, celebrations, events, functions, gatherings and meeting upon meeting.

I am not sure when exactly in my life it happened but I have now became an individual that finds solace in the comforts of routine.

As a youngster the thought of routine had me up in arms, wondering how could anyone one ever let their days wither away performing the same activities, at the same time, with the same people, at the same place. Yet now I find myself drawn to the above.

Although I would still have liked to have a bit more freedom, more annual leave days, more work from home days, more free time where I could pursue other interests except for work, it is comforting having a routine which one can adhere to and also keep oneself accountable of.

Currently, on an ideal day, my routine would be as follows:

  • 5:00AM – 5:50AM Coffee and reading in bed
  • 5:30AM – 6:00AM Breathing and meditation
  • 6:00AM – 6:30AM Journal and plan
  • 6:30AM – 7:00AM Prepare and pack for work and gym
  • 7:00AM – 8:00AM Gym
  • 8:00AM – 05:30PM Work
  • 05:30PM – 6:00PM Cycle Home
  • 6:00PM – 7:00PM Cook, eat and clean
  • 7:00PM – 9:00PM Work on projects
  • 9:00PM – 10:00PM Study
  • 10:00PM – 11:00PM get ready for bed, journal and read.

So as you can see this is a rather ambitious schedule and pretty hard to keep up and especially hard to keep up when there are tons of public holidays scattered throughout the weeks.

Not that I do not like these said public holidays as they really do provide a well deserved rest but there is normally some function, some event or some social happening, which leads to the opposite of a rest, in fact, one needs another rest day to recover from these.

Now as per schedule, its ten to eleven and time for bed 🙂